What We Do

We support veterans and justice- involved individuals with quality housing.

We operate quality homes in safe neighborhoods, near transportation and shopping areas.

We Find

We are in search of quality homes in desirable suburban neighborhoods where our residents can thrive.

We Educate

Today’s adult needs a helpful hand and the right guidance in understanding basic skills and financial education; such as maintaining a clean and organized home, opening a bank account, balancing a checkbook, and saving for retirement. 

We Provide Care

We help build communities within our homes, and provide a family-like environment. 

We Consult

We work with other nonprofit organizations to place veterans and justice involved individuals into quality safe housing to help eliminate housing insecurity.

We Build Communities

We work with our residents to engage the outside community in a healthy fashion, for each to become a thriving successful member of society.

We Strengthen

We believe that everyone deserves a safe place to put their head down at night, and we believe education and employment, in addition to safe housing, gives people an inner strength to lead a better life.

What we care for

Veterans and Justice-Involved

We seek veterans and justice-involved individuals who are serious about remaining clean and sober, and rebuilding their lives.

A new future for those trying to remain clean and sober

Veterans and Justice-Involved individuals struggle with addictions; just like many others. Remaining clean and sober is difficult if your environment promotes the opposite of clean and sober. Our homes provide the proper environment for those struggling with addiction to work toward their individual goals of remaining clean and sober, and becoming productive members of society.

Serious Applicants

Space is limited; so we only take those veterans and justice-involved individuals who are serious about their recovery, and are serious about rebuilding and restoring their lives. We look for those who have demonstrated their attempt to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle; which includes a willingness to maintain a job, stay out of trouble, and cooperate with any justice system requirements; if applicable. Our residents need to follow our house rules, and work with the house community toward creating a healthy environment for continuing recovery.

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