Who we are

We are a team of change-makers who believe that compassion, and every helping hand can create a new future for those that have their past holding them from rising above their conviction or addiction.

The Better Path Foundation is a Wisconsin not-for-profit corporation; 501(c)3, with dedicated, hardworking volunteers; who bring significant experience in real estate, finance, education, accounting, the justice system, holistic health, and more, and who have love, energy, motivation, and vision focused on accomplishing the mission of our organization.

We heard a call to action to help to combat a rise in deaths from individuals overdosing on various drugs, and issues with alcohol; which both lead to increased incarceration, recidivism, and homelessness, which also negatively affect families and children. We desire to aid our veterans who have given so much in the service of our country, our justice-involved to find a better path and to help these individuals who are suffering due to economic challenges or rising inflation, and more. With the rise in rents, lack of affordable housing, and lack of good quality shared housing, our country stands in crisis, and individuals are paying the price.

Our mission and vision

Our mission

Our mission at The Better Path Foundation is to serve our nation’s veterans, and men and women who are justice-involved; many whom are in recovery from substance abuse (drugs and/or alcohol) by providing clean and sober living arrangements in good quality, comfortable, safe, stable, and affordable shared-housing for those who are serious about their recovery.

Our vision

When people are given the opportunity to live in dignity, have a safe place to sleep at night, living within a community of like-minded people serious about clean and sober living, they will gain self-esteem, and self-confidence, and be able to reach their full potential. This and more are accomplished through good quality shared housing in residential homes located in good neighborhoods, so our residents can heal and become productive members of society.

To combat recidivism, it has been shown that it is imperative that people who are serious about clean and sober living live in an environment free of triggers that cause relapse. Our homes will be located in some of the best cities and neighborhoods, which are stable and growing, where bus transportation is available to easily access various employment opportunities, and where shopping and medical facilities are conveniently located. Our homes will provide an environment conducive to their recovery efforts to be successful, leading our residents to become thriving, self-sufficient members of society. 

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