Together, We Will

build a world where everyone has a place to call home

Who We Are

   We are a housing provider that works with veterans and justice-involved individuals; along with other nonprofit organizations that serve veterans and justice-involved individuals, to secure and provide quality, safe, affordable shared housing.

  Our organizations believes that our veterans and justice-involved folk deserve an opportunity to avail themselves to having productive, meaningful lives, and be productive members of society. This starts with having a safe place to lay their heads down at night; what most people call “Home”. A good safe home, and desirable neighborhood, helps all individuals to regain hope, and have an opportunity to flourish in life. our organization provides just that…a quality home, in a desirable neighborhood, where someone can thrive.

What We Do

  We provide quality, safe, affordable shared housing to help eliminate housing insecurity as well as plan and support amazing projects with other nonprofit organizations, that help change the lives of our veterans and justice-involved individuals; who are in recovery from substance abuse, and who are simply disadvantaged adults from across the greater Madison, WI area.

  We are seeking W.A.S.H. community certified level II Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) recovery homes status, which W.A.S.H. is an affiliate of the National Alliance of Recovery Residences.

*W.A.S.H. is the Wisconsin Association of Sober Housing.


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